Space Designer Manager
for Logic Pro
The ultimate tool...

for Logic Pro's Space Designer. It batch generates the settings needed in conjunction with impulse responses in seconds, relinks settings with their responses and batch modifies important parameters. Space Designer Manager extends the usability of Logic's popular Space Designer impulse reverb and is it's perfect companion. The ever and ever growing number of 3rd party and user impulse responses shows Space Designer's drawback: Before you can use a impulse response file you must load it into a setting and save it. If you have hundreds or thousands of files this will be an exhausting and almost impossible task, because you have to do it one by one. Space Designer Manager keeps you being creative because it does the job automatically for you in seconds. Furthermore it can find and relink impulse responses back to the setting files they belong to and batch modify important parameters of existing settings like dry and wet level, volume and latency compensation.


batch generates the setting files Space Designer needs to load impulse responses. Single ir-files, folders and also folders inside of folders will be processed. Generator works with AIF, WAV, SD2 and SDIR files in mono, stereo, truestereo, quadro, b-format and mono-omni surround. For files with more than two channels impulse response files in Logic's own SDIR format will be generated.


relinks setting files with the impulse responses they were originally pointing to. You can choose a setting folder and the according impulse response folder. Relinker will inform you if files could not be found or if there are more files with the same name.


can batch modify important Space Designer setting parameters which are wet level, dry level, volume and latency compensation. The parameters can be set in the preferences menu. You can decide if you want to batch modify any of these parameters by checking the modifier checkbox below each parameter.


is an audiofile player plus additional infoview made for convenient prelistening of impulse responses.


Watch the Space Designer Manager app preview:

Minimum System Requirements: MacOS 11.0, Apple Logic Pro, Apple Silicon or Intel processor

Latest News

Version 3.02 is available on the Mac App Store. Support for Apple Silicon Macs has been added.